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Professional Vacation Rental Management

We get it!  Your property, whether a second home, primary residence for sale, or investment property, is a large asset in your overall portfolio. Just as you would consider hiring a professional to manage your stocks or other investments, hiring a professional to manage your vacation rental income is an important decision. There are many reasons to consider turning to short term vacation rentals—to broaden market appeal for a home on the market for sale, to offset maintenance and other costs of a second home, or to simply enjoy generating income when your schedule does not allow you to be at your vacation home. You may have already decided that short-term vacation rentals are a solution you want to pursue or are still considering what options are best for you.

What Makes Carolina Properties Different?

Carolina Properties maximizes your vacation rental income by providing a combination of superior guest services, unparalleled marketing, and proactive property management. All three are key components to procuring the highest yield. Great marketing will go to waste if you cannot deliver a quality product and a perfectly cleaned home will not matter if a guest arrives to a broken air conditioner. We carefully manage your property before, during and after your guest so your hard earned reservation is not in jeopardy by complaints or discounts.


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