Careers at Carolina Properties

Carolina Properties is looking for nimble, smart, driven individuals to support our core property management teams. Earn, learn and grow while contributing to a small local business with some of the best earning opportunities and the best co-workers.

Please apply with your name, phone number, email, and approximate distance from our office at 2483 Memorial Highway Lake Lure, NC 28746. Include a brief summary of your work experience and what you believe makes you an exceptional candidate.

Open Positions

Housekeeping Team

One of our most important field teams, housekeeping ensures that our homes are clean, safe, and equipped for vacationing guests. It is their responsibility for providing that magical feeling of walking through the door, setting down luggage and bags, and finally feeling “ahhh, finally we’re on vacation.” Our properties are tailored for luxury travelers and must therefore exceed the expectations of our astute guests. Pristine living quarters, refreshed supplies, and a professional demeanor from staff is expected at all times.

Housekeeping is hard work. Our housekeepers must have the grit to scrub kitchen floors and the class to graciously welcome guests and owners to our homes. We therefore strive to reward housekeepers by beating the competition on wages and shift availability. Please apply to learn more.Apply

Executive Assistants

Managing luxury properties involves a lot of moving parts. These parts need to be coordinated, measured, and directed. The executive assistants serve the Executive Team. This role is all about organization and people skills. At any time during the day there may be home turnovers, hot tub installations, deck repairs, vendor appointments, and all the while a phone ringing with guests looking to book. Executive assistants work together to keep their collective finger on the pulse of the day and make sure that nothing falls through the cracks. They work directly with the Executive Team that manages the company.

If you are organized, have exceptional personal skills, and like the idea of directing daily field activities from an office, please consider applying.Apply

Maintenance Team

Perfect vacations in picturesque homes are our promise to guests. Unfortunately, life is sometimes imperfect and messy. This is where the maintenance team comes in: our own in-house team of real life heroes who rescue lovely vacations from the distress of broken air conditioners, blown light bulbs, and unresponsive televisions. Our guests expect pristine homes with not only proper supplies and utilities but functional and convenient amenities. Maintenance workers must be ready to jump into action to handle “hot” tasks like troubleshooting the internet and repairing basic home appliances promptly and efficiently.

If you have experience working in a residential or commercial maintenance role, if you like working outside and on the road rather than in an office, please apply.Apply